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Exploring co-development opportunities in all major cities in South Africa 
Ed Protheroe
Director/ Founder
The Co-Development model

Problems Identified

  • Landowners are stuck: Some owners would like to sell, but the "market value" is too low. What they need versus what they get make it impossible to sell without losing.
  • Learning the ropes is difficult:  Inexperienced developing is extremely risky with so many moving parts
  • Accessing the cash cost effectively: The liquidity required for even a small development is prohibitive

Problems Solved...

  • Unlocks more value with less risk: get up to 50% more 
  • Your become a co-developer: Learn the ropes alongside seasoned risk adverse property developers
  • Build financial freedom: Learn the model. Make your money. Do it for yourself. 
About Us
In 2012 our intention was to build a high yielding property portfolio for ourselves. We had the knowledge, the building experience and the funds. Fait accompli.

We scoured the internet, met agents, view properties, drove the streets and knocked on doors. No matter how many properties we viewed, the yields just weren't there or the purchase values were beyond reasonable. The only way was to find land at below-market prices. 

Our greatest resistance would become the biggest opportunity. You can't buy what isn't being sold.  By 2014 we had identified that the obstacle was the way. If we partner with landowners and help them make better returns, we all benefit. We reduce our risk and improve our leverage. They increase their profits with the guidance of an experienced team.
The conventional way of developing property doesn't work in the interest of all parties.  We’ve found a new way so that it does. Now all stakeholders benefit.

We now handle the full process, no experience needed by the landowners. With a very transparent process, we'll handle the feasibility study, contracts, site acquisition, town planning, project design, cost management, funding applications, development management, sales, marketing, construction and project management. A complete solution tailored with you.

We now have an extremely strong team offering excellent insight throughout the entire development process. We value everyone’s input, including our partners and investors. That's what makes it work. 

For Investors:
By Application Only

Investors receive high returns on a project by project basis. With our team, we structure deals that reach far beyond standard returns and have devised excellent ways in which to mitigate risk.

For Landowners
Whatever your reason for selling, you need maximum results by extracting maximum value. That means the focus is on generating the most amount of cash out of the property.

We are completely open with everything and truly see you as our partner. We share our feasibility study, market research, professional team and all the information we have concerning the potential new development.

And as our partner, we value your input. This co-development between Renegade and the landowner creates a very successful mutually beneficial relationship.
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